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Music Locker

What is Music Locker ?

Music Locker is a service that will let people upload their digital music to the Web and access it from browsers on any computer and from Android phones.

The service was made available to Amazon account holders. Amazon will offer a Web-based hard drive backup service called Cloud Drive, where people can store documents, photos, videos and music.

It will also offer Cloud Player, which will let people listen to, download and make playlists from the music they store on Cloud Drive from any Web browser or from an app on Android devices. Cloud Player will automatically upload songs bought on Amazon and scan iTunes or Windows libraries to find other music to upload.

How does it work ?

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive is your hard drive in the cloud. Store your music, videos, photos, and documents on Amazon's secure servers. All you need is a web browser to upload, download, and access your files from any computer

Use your Amazon Cloud Drive as the go-to location for all your important files. At work, at home, during your commute or while on vacation—you'll always have access to everything you've uploaded to your Cloud Drive through your Amazon account.

Store files in your Cloud Drive and never worry about losing them if your computer crashes, or is lost or stolen.

Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon Cloud Player is a browser based application that supports both Mac and PC computers. Cloud Player is not optimized to run on mobile phones or tablets including: iPhones, Blackberrys, Windows Mobile devices, and iPads. For Android phones and tablets, we recommend installing the Amazon MP3 app for Android which includes Amazon Cloud Player for Android.

Browser Requirements

The Amazon Cloud Player is optimized to run with flash installed on the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 8 and newer
  • Firefox version 3.5 and above
  • Chrome
  • Safari

The Amazon Cloud Player does not support the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 6
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Opera

Amazon Cloud Player will not work if you have JavaScript turned off on your browser. Use these instructions to enable JavaScript on the browsers we support:

Amazon MP3 for Android

Amazon MP3 for Android is Amazon Cloud Player on the Amazon MP3 App for Android. You can play music stored on your Android device using Amazon Cloud Player through the Amazon MP3 app for Android.


How much it costs ?

Cloud Drive comes with 5 GB of free storage—enough space to store up to 1000 songs. This space is yours to use as you like and you will never be charged for it.

But if you purchase an album from the Amazon MP3 Store and Amazon'll give you 20 GB of storage free of charge for one year from the date of your purchase. That's enough space to store up to 4000 songs. You can keep your 20 GB storage plan after the year is up or do nothing and we'll drop you down to our free 5 GB plan. Don't worry—you will never be charged for storage space unless you choose to upgrade to a paid storage plan.

Additional storage plans available: 20 GB to 1000 GB

Amazon offer paid storage plans with up to 1000 GB of space. These plans are billed annually and renew automatically for your convenience.

Storage Plan Songs Photos HD Video
Holds up to: Holds up to: Holds up to:
5 GB FREE 1,000 2,000 20 minutes
20 GB $20 / year 4,000 8,000 1.5 hours
50 GB $50 / year 10,000 20,000 3.5 hours
100 GB $100 / year 20,000 40,000 7 hours
200 GB $200 / year 40,000 80,000 14 hours
500 GB $500 / year 100,000 200,000 35 hours
1000 GB $1000 / year 200,000 400,000 70 hours


1. If you are an existing Amazon customer, you have access to 5 GB of free Cloud Drive storage. All you need to do is accept the Cloud Drive Terms of Use to start using your Cloud Drive account.
2. If you are an existing Amazon customer with a valid billing address in the United States, you have access to Cloud Player. All you need to do is accept the Cloud Player Terms of Use to start using your Cloud Player account.

Reference and More information :

Analysis by SWOT

S :

  1. Amazon is a well known online store in the world.
  2. Amazon’s competitive is experience in Cloud Computing as they are having a service to keeping online book for Kindle.
  3. It is convergence: Amazon MP3 store for buying digital music, and store in Amazon Cloud Drive, then could play music on Amazon Cloud Player on website or Amazon MP3 for Android mobile phone.

W :

  1. The music locker business is still legally ambiguous. For example, though company let people upload their music and listen to it elsewhere without any outcry from the labels, have been sued by music labels.
  2. For Web companies, it is impossible to tell whether a song was bought legally or downloaded illegally.

O :

  1. Digital music services on the cloud may become the next step of the music industry. Because digital music services on the cloud allows users the freedom like I have a huge album with the ability to take all the time. Any music can listen to. Anywhere, anytime, anywhere with Internet, unlimited using of listening devices (Cross Devices) do not need to download music from the site. Share files or services to store on your computer and then make the "Sync" music player MP3 or on a mobile phone to listen to traditional music.

T :

  1. Amazon has a strong competitor such as Google (Google Docs and Google Music which is digital music store) and Apple (iTune).
  2. In this day we have many Cloud Computing service such as “YouSendIt”, “RapidShare”,, and SkyDrive, etc..
  3. Music labels and publishers would prefer that listeners buy a new copy of a song everywhere they want to listen to it.