Ioxus Raises 21 Million For Improved Power Storage Technolog

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By Miss Sakunkarn Thongnawakun YMBA31, 5320221008
News Topic: Ioxus Raises $21 Million for Improved Power Storage Technology

Part I: Summary of the article
IOXUS International Corporation was established by the parent company, Custom Electronics, Inc., which has supplied commercial and military clients with high reliability capacitors and integrated electronic assemblies since 1964. IOXUS is headquartered in Oneonta, N.Y. USA. They provide cost-effective, green energy solutions for the military, transportation and alternative energy markets.


Trade Names (as labeled): ULTRACAPACITOR
Chemical Names: Capacitor Containing Electrolyte Solution Absorbed in Carbon
Product Use: Energy Storage Device
Synonyms EDLC: Supercapacitor, double layer capacitor

IOXUS is the company that develops, manufactures and commercializes innovative ultracapacitor technologies entirely in the United States. The Ioxus family of ultracapacitors is uniquely optimized for high performance with low resistance, ideal for delivering high power bursts for acceleration, energy recapture, peak load shaving and high power applications.
Their product are used to charge and run: wind turbines, light rail and other public transportation systems, hybrid and electric vehicles, medical equipment, LED lighting, power tools and other consumer electronics.
Ioxus is leading the way with products that are both environmentally safe and technologically superior to competitors’ offerings.
The company is making great strides within those industries that will contribute to its ongoing success worldwide.
Ioxus plans to launch a new generation of ultracapacitor cells in next quarter. The main features of the latest Ioxus hybrid capacitor have huge potential. It could lead to hybrid vehicles being fully charged in mere minutes and improve the life cycles of electric vehicles. Ultracapacitor maker Ioxus, Inc., has raised $21 million from Investors including Energy Technology Ventures (a GE-NRG Energy-ConocoPhillips joint venture), Northwater Capital through its Northwater Intellectual Property Fund, Aster Capital (representing Alstom, Schneider Electric and Rhodia). This round of funding closes at an opportune time for Ioxus, as interest in clean and efficient energy is on the rise, and their ultracapacitors and hybrid capacitors are in greater demand than ever before. They can fast to develop the commercialization of its technology in the transportation, alternative energy, medical, industrial and consumer product markets. The funding will support research and development of advances in energy generation products. They’ll also use this round of investment to further expand their sales, marketing and manufacturing operations. That effort is already in process. They recently launched in the Asia Pacific Region. This investment significantly enhances Ioxus’ capability to innovate and distribute, but it also underscores the strong position they enjoy in the market. This $21-million vote of confidence signals their unrivaled leadership in enabling cost-effective, green energy solutions.

Part II: Personal reflection of the article, the insights, issues, illustrations covered.

This article is impacted to both the economic and technological issues regarded by many as critical to the industry’s current state of change. It provides a review of the ultracapacitor industry and its structure, and of the many companies involved in providing these products. Cause of the ultracapacitor market is an attractive and still growing, very high production volume of ultracapacitors that must be both extremely reliable and low in cost.
Also increasing demand for high power regenerative energy storage has opened the door for innovation in the development of electrochemical component systems. Stepping forward to meet existing and new application requirements for production intent design needs are the manufacturers of the latest generation of electrochemical double layer capacitors (EDLC) also known as ultra-capacitors or super-capacitors.
Believe that the growth in the ultracapacitor market continues to be driven by increasing demands in fuel-cell and hybrid-vehicle applications, for industrial systems and consumer electronics. Existing products will continue to find new applications, and new products will emerge to improve functionality.
The issues as we would focus on this article divided into three sections as the first, the development of power storage technology, second, focus on the advantage and application of it. Lastly we will analyze the cause and significant of funds from all investors to this company for ultracapacitor technology.

1 The development of Power storage technology


Although ultracapacitors have been around since the 1960s, with more than a 50-year history of development, the ultracapacitor is not a new technology, but its utilization as a means for storing and delivering power is growing in several key application areas. An ultracapacitor stores more power than a battery and more energy than a capacitor. For this reason, it brings significant benefits in both “peak-assist” and “power-assist” applications. This breakthrough improvement of the energy density in the new generation of ultra-capacitors will be considered as a serious contender for energy storage applications.
The fundamental concepts for expanded electrochemical voltage limits for the electrochemical double layer capacitor (EDLC).These ultra capacitors are something I think will revolutionize all of electronics. Ultracapacitors’ greatest advantages over their primary competition (batteries) are superior cycle life and power density. Researchers are developing hybrid ultracapacitors that include components from batteries in efforts to greatly enhance the devices’ energy density. Ultra-capacitors combine high bursts of power and a very high capacitance for energy storage. Capacitance is the property of a circuit element that permits it to store an electrical charge. Ultracapacitor will generally be adopted, for the sole purpose of keeping with consistency.

2 The application and advantage of Ultracapacitor


Ultracapacitors fill an important and otherwise vacant niche in the current set of energy storage devices, bridging the gap between batteries and conventional capacitors. They offer greater energy densities than electrostatic capacitors, making them a better choice for back-up applications. They also possess higher power densities than batteries, allowing them to perform a role in load-leveling of pulsed currents. They can help to improve battery performance when combined in hybrid power sources, or they can provide an efficient and long-lasting means of energy storage when used on their own. The market niches can be grouped into: the transportation industry, industrial energy generation and power supply, renewable energy resources, consumer electronics, applications.
Example of Clean Tech for Commercial and Industrial Use:
Ultracapacitors are rechargeable energy storage devices that are used to prolong the lifespan of other energy sources, such as batteries. They are lightweight and their manufacture and disposal has no detrimental effects to the environment.
Ultracapacitors are used to extend the charge time on hand-held electronics and to power hybrid vehicles, wind farms, material handling equipment, and other green energy technologies.
Also advantages of Ultracapacitors: high power density, reliable operation in harsh environments, virtually maintenance free, tailored solutions, competitively priced, exceptional efficiency, compact design, extended operating life, extended temperature range versus batteries, environmentally safe.

3 The cause of fund from all investors to Ioxus and ultracapacitors technology


The latest market trends and developments, power engineering and integration strategies, design and business implications and costs associated with advanced power systems for various applications, including transportation, automotive, power and consumer electronics and renewable energy.
Ultracapacitors help temporarily store intermittent energy produced by solar, wind and wave energy projects, and they deliver the power to the grid when needed, Ioxus lithium ion ultracapcitor series with an energy density 115 percent higher than standard electric double-layer capacitors (EDLCs).
Ioxus is developing lighter, more compact and cost-efficient energy storage technologies that will be relied on to complement or replace rechargeable batteries in a wide variety of consumer and industrial products.
Ioxus' ultracapacitors and hybrid capacitors are among the most significant enabling technologies for clean energy and energy efficiency. Ioxus’ potential for market acceptance and the breadth of access to the technology. As Ioxus expands to fulfill the energy storage requirements of wind turbines, hybrid vehicles and other manufacturers around the world.
Investors focus their investments on companies that pursue game-changing technologies in the energy value chain. The investors need to continue evolving the ultracapacitors and hybrid components upon which alternative energy applications rely.
A combination of application development, consumer interest and world energy trends make this a compelling moment to invest in cost-effective, green energy solutions. With the support of this round of financing, Ioxus certainly is poised to fulfill investors’ expectation.